Retail Solutions.

Our more than 10 years experience in the retail technology field, provides our customers with a unique perspective on efficiency, productivity and innovation. We have installed, maintained and service POS equipment in some of the nation’s largest retailers and understand the integration of systems to maximize profits and productivity. Using Electronic Article Surveillance, CCTV, access controls system and other cutting edge technologies we can help your company avoid loses due to dishonest employees/customers. We carry a full line of Checkpoint systems EAS equipment and supplies

Here is a sample of the solutions we provide:

1. Point of Sale Systems. Every retail location needs a way to keep track of sales, inventory and manage receipts, returns. A Point of Sales system allows a business owner/manager to delegate to others the functions of running inventory, performing the sales and preparing orders, while accurately reporting sales, preparing reports and providing business critical information. We have worked with IBM, Fujitsu, NCR, Microsoft, NEC, Radiant Systems, Pixel Point, and QuickBooks POS systems and are able to provide end to end support for our customers so their business runs as expected. We can repair, install, upgrade and configure your POS system to help your business run more effectively. We have access to parts depot to minimize repair time so your system is up with minimal impact on customer service and operations.

2. EAS- Electronic Article Surveillance. This is one of the most effective ways to protect your business against possible losses from customers or dishonest employees. We partner with Checkpoint Systems, the world leader in EAS systems to design, sell, install and maintain your system to meet your business needs. By using tags on items that are either high priced, easily stolen or positioned in high traffic areas. These tags emit a radio frequency that sets off an alarm when the item is removed from the store without going by the registers where the radio is turned off. We are one of only three south Florida companies that can Checkpoint has certified as partners. We are the only one with our own in-house checkpoint trained service/installation team. Please inquire about our affordable service plans for out of warranty systems. We sell all the items your company needs to have an EAS system.
3. CCTV- Closed Circuit TV cameras. Today’s businesses need the flexibility to allow business owners and managers the capability to monitor their businesses from one location to help them avoid loss of inventory, frivolous lawsuits, hazardous conditions and other threats to their businesses. We represent some of the world leading manufacturers of CCTV equipment, such as Axis, Pelco, Dedicated Micros, Sony, Samsung and Panasonic among others. Our systems can be remotely monitored and integrated to POS systems. a. IP Cameras. Today we can use cameras connected to the network. These cameras offer a new world of possibilities for our customers. All the information the camera outputs is in digital form, this means the image is richer, and you are able to zoom in/out and use the information in a lot of ways previously impossible. You can, for example, receive a picture via e-mail every time someone opens a door, or enters a restricted area. b. Mega Pixel Cameras. These cameras are digital cameras that provide near HD quality images, providing much needed details previously costing thousands more.

4. Electronic Signage. This is the hottest technology in retail today. Once customers are in your store, capture their attention by installing electronic signage. These displays can broadcast your message to your customers and drive them to purchase more. Studies show that these displays increase sales of promoted items by over 40% and improve profits by over 15%. They pay for themselves in a short few months. We have the expertise to design and help you implement a highly visible and profitable digital signage program.

5. Audio/Visual. From music on hold, ambience music, overhead music, to interactive displays, we sell, install, service and support a number of options for your business.
6. Access Control. We use electronic systems to help you secure locations in your business to allow the right person in and keep the wrong people out. Evolving from a history of door locks and gates, the term “access control” in recent years has come to include technology innovations such as keypads, biometrics, smart cards and computer systems based on Internet protocol (IP). However, the basic idea of controlling access has been a constant, even as the many ways it can be achieved have multiplied, and even as it has become dependent on — and integral to — the broadest view of security's role in an enterprise. Access control can be combined with id badges and time& attendance systems to streamline access for employees. Access control is always a customized solution based on your individual business need. Please schedule an appointment so one of our professionals can help you design the best system for you.